New cloud CDR service

VSIP is pleased to announce we are now providing a full cloud CDR service. This service offers a fully synchronised, securely accessible web CDR for any asterisk based PBX. You can use a nice web interface so search phone calls and playback recordings. You can also perform a range of reports and have control over different logins for members of staff. Our Cloud CDR can also email out reports to managers and team leaders based on your own criteria or custom requirements. Call us for more information.

New European Routes for High Quality Calls

We've recently added 2 new direct routes for Belgium and the Netherlands (31 and 32 destinations). Although we've always routed to these detinations in the past, we now have more direct routes directly into each country. We are the only UK VoIP provider to have these new direct routes since all other providers look to be routing via a single European provider which has known quality problems. So if you want crystal clear calls to Europe, VSIP is the way to go!

Saleforce, SugarCRM, Alfresco and Zimbra integration

Over the past year we've been working hard to bring VSIP Asterisk PBX integration into our reseller's systems using WebRTC, and what fun we have been having! These include Salesforce, SugarCRM, Alfresco and Zimbra asterisk integration with emphasis on VSIP. We also integrate into many other platforms so just contact us if you have an application you would like integrating with Asterisk or VSIP in particular. Of course we also integrate with the non-cloud legacy applications such as Outlook, Sage etc. too.

End User Sales

As our resellers already know, we deliver some of the cheapest rates available and we still have the most reliable and fault-tolerant VoIP service you will find anywhere on the planet.

As of right now those small businesses and individuals wishing to take advantage of our enterprise-class VSIP VoIP service will now be pleased to know we are offering direct end-user sales. You no longer need to be a VSIP reseller to qualify for an account! 

We are launching online sales in the coming hours, and you can also call 01484 481 9330 to order over the phone. 

Advanced SNMP support

VSIP is pleased to announce we now provide a whole host of realtime SNMP outputs to our PBX systems. Our SNMP outputs are more comprehensive then any other VoIP systems provider you will find. This allows you to integrate with a whole host of other systems for monitoring and control. Contact us for more information. We will be posting some case studies and documentation shortly...

Gateway move complete

We have completed migrating all customers to the new vsip platform. This means all of the new features and advantages of vsip are active right now for all our customers! The most notable are multi-provider outbound failover for everyone, reduced call costs across the board and increased reliability and security.


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