Leading Edge VoIP

We are very proud of our VoIP gateway service which leads the way for VoIP technology across the world - indeed, we are a point of support and consultation for many Telco's and large organisations in both the private and public sector. We are pioneering new ways of deliverying a great VoIP service with unprecidented service, reliability, call quality and security. We offer a whole host of features not found on any other service or provider.  

As asterisk experts we are able to not only deliver key VoIP services in bulk but also bespoke solutions, training and consultation. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have a particular requirement.

  • NEW Opus and SLN24 codec support
  • NEW Panosec.com active security for all our servers
  • Speex and G722 codec support
  • IAX2 Encryption enabled by default 
  • SIP encryption (SRTP)
  • SIP RTP delivery over TCP or UDP
  • SIP URI dialling (using SRV) - (calls to email addresses etc.)
  • Unlimited calls to SIP URI's worldwide
  • Automatic failover to multiple outbound VoIP providers worldwide
  • Advanced multi-provider least cost routing
  • Direct to country call routing for many destinations
  • Super secure - Ossec included by default and many other security features
  • White label billing system with user and reseller portals
  • White label cloud Asterisk PBX's