Saleforce, SugarCRM, Alfresco and Zimbra integration

Over the past year we've been working hard to bring VSIP Asterisk PBX integration into our reseller's systems using WebRTC, and what fun we have been having! These include Salesforce, SugarCRM, Alfresco and Zimbra asterisk integration with emphasis on VSIP. We also integrate into many other platforms so just contact us if you have an application you would like integrating with Asterisk or VSIP in particular. Of course we also integrate with the non-cloud legacy applications such as Outlook, Sage etc. too. Currently we do this with TAPI however we also have Microsoft Lync integration for a seamless outlook communication platform with Outlook 2013. We are already using these solutions for a growing number of Telco's around the world who are coming to us for our asterisk expertise as well as the great cloud services VSIP can offer.

A brief summary of popular ones below, and soon I'll post some screenshots and maybe some demo logins. All of these can be customised to suit each customer's requirements. All in active development as we add new features for customers. 

Salesforce OpenCTI call center for Asterisk: We've made a nice Open CTI adaptor for salesforce which integrates with our VSIP Asterisk cloud. Completely cloud solution with screen pop, call recording, call logging, click to dial etc. directly in salesforce via the salesforce call center.

SugarCRM asterisk integration: Complete integration with call recordings, call logging, click to dial, screen pop. 

Alfresco: WebRTC integrated calling and video chat. We are testing this currently with video conferencing with the ability to invite and schedule video conferences and calls. Click to dial for contacts and other features also.

Zimbra: Zimlet which gives you access to the VSIP VAP (asterisk panel for call control/stats). Also call control and click to dial for contacts. 

Call us or head over to our cloud partner if you have any requirement for telephony integration with your own systems.